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Facebook’s IPO, NASDAQ and the Illiquid Electronic Marketplace Revisited By R Tamara de Silva May 24, 2012 According to the news people, there is blame to be had all around after shares of the largest initial public offering in history, Facebook (FB), lost almost twenty percent of their value in the first three days of […]

  Prosecutorial Discretion, Cambyses and Aaron Swartz By R Tamara de Silva January 15, 2013   The Optimist thinks this is the best of all worlds. The pessimist fears it is true J. Robert Oppenheimer          The prosecutor of the late Aaron Swartz and Sisamnes have something to tell us about the […]

The First Amendment of Brandon Raub By R Tamara de Silva August 22, 2012          The point of demarcation between political expression and dangerous dissent is being discerned in much the same manner the Romans augured the future by looking at the entrails of birds.  Enter social media, which has been flexing […]

In Defense of Private Capital and Capitalism By R. Tamara de Silva January 14, 2012 Is Mitt Romney guilty of capitalism? His opponents in the race for presidential nominee of the Republican Party have converged in their rhetoric and ideology with the Democratic Party and President Obama to decry that Romney’s actions at Bain Capital […]